Winter & Complementary Services

Snow Removal – Plants

During the winter months we are available to brush large snowfalls off of specimen plants
to avoid damage and breakage as well as general storm cleanup.

Snow Removal Service – Driveways + Walkways

Servicing British Properties, Grousewoods and Canyon Heights neighborhoods, we provide:

  • Snow removal and Salting
  • Commercial Grade Snowblower
  • Hard working Crews
  • We have 4wd trucks to get to you in a snowstorm!

Call for more info and to sign up for automatic callouts.

Complementary Services

We provide our clients with referrals to other quality companies specializing in:

  • Arboriculture (Tall tree work)
  • Stump grinding
  • Indoor/Outdoor Plumbing
  • Indoor/Outdoor Electrical

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