Maintain & Lawn Care

List of services:


Lawn Care

We cut lawns on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. This includes cutting and trimming, blowing off property at each visit lawn. Lawn programs can include seasonal aerating and fertilizating. SPRING LAWN renovation work can include moss control, liming, fertilizing, power raking, top dressing, and over seeding. This work is typically done in March or April.

Yard Cleanups

Our hard working and knowledgeable employees will prune, shear, weed, cultivate, cut, trim and clean up your yard so that it once again looks great. We have all the right tools and equipment to make the job as efficient and effective as possible. Yard cleanups are popular among those who like to have seasonal cleanups done in the Spring and Fall, or at intervals throughout the growing season.

Specialty Pruning

All plants have their own particular growth pattern and bloom time, and their appearance can be greatly improved by using the correct pruning technique. We prune ornamental trees, shrubs and hedges up to 5 meters.


Early Spring and Fall are the best times to plant because of good rainfall, although if the beds are well irrigated, planting can continue throughout the summer. Trees can be planted while dormant in the winter. Our relationships with local nurseries on the North Shore and growers in the Fraser Valley allow us to source the best plant material for your garden.

Bulb and Annual Displays

Bulbs, typically imported from Holland, are planted in the Fall for Spring blooming. Annuals are herbaceous plants that are native to tropical climates, and therefore are planted in the Spring to provide colour throughout the Spring and Summer growing season.

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