Design & Consultation

We provide designs for garden renovations and new home construction. This includes “hardscape” features such as retaining walls, patios, and pathways, and “softscape” features including trees, shrubs, hedges, turf, and ground covers as well as soil and mulch. We work with clients to create designs that are both eye catching and ideal for the site.

When creating a design, special consideration is given to:

  • Site Location
  • Existing Buildings and Site Structures
  • Views
  • Site Functions
  • Topography and Microclimate
  • Themes / Overall Style



Vera Bedard of Bedard Landscape Design has been a Landscape Designer for over 20 years. Her specialty is designing for residential properties of any scale. Her goal is to work with you and create a plan that is both functional and inspirational, while encouraging you to enjoy your outdoor spaces.

Design Options

We offer two design options:

  1. 3 hour on-site Consultation Pencil Drawing – This is a good starting point for smaller projects. We will meet with you and begin the design process immediately. Measurements are taken. This area is then drafted to scale. We now get to work with you through a step by step process of designing your space, on site. This will incorporate your design style and preferences as you are involved with every decision. We will tackle hardscape then softscape features. This is a suitable option for one area of your property – a front yard or a backyard. There is no guarantee that a plan will be completed in this time. If more time is needed then it may result in an additional consult, or design hours at $75/hr. At the end of the process, you will have a custom hand drawn plan.

    The price for this option is $250 plus GST.

  2. 2 hour Consultation Leading to Inked Plan – This is a good starting point for larger projects. We will discuss your design style, preferences and wish list for elements to include in your design. Fresh ideas will be introduced, discussed, added or eliminated based on the appeal factor to you. We may be discussing patios, decks, raised planters, retaining walls, arbours, lighting, privacy screens, hot tubs, fencing, or any other custom work. If you need a deck or patio with two large tables to seat 16 people for dinner this will be addressed in this meeting. The goal is to get this design to represent your wants and needs in a style that delights you.

    The price for this option is $150 plus GST. Before you commit to a plan you will receive a firm quote to design your project based on $75.00/ per hour.

Inked Plan Examples